7617 Wedgewood, Houston, Texas, 77055-6842
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Residential Construction and Remodeling
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
When you express your family's values through architecture, you are demonstrating that your
priorities lay at the hearth of your home and family. Through the next era of your life, wouldn't
the comfort and security of that perfect home add to your sense of wellbeing?
Why shouldn't you have nice things?
Your project calls for a
contractor that recognizes
the value of your vision.  
Someone who will nourish your
ideas until they stand with the
strength of one of my stone
walls.  Building is more than my
occupation, it is my avocation.
Our integrity is demonstrated by the active
support of our client references and by our
'A+' rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We
are licensed by the TRCC (Texas Residential
Construction Commission #43685) and we hold an
OSHA 10 Certification (Occupational Safety and
Health Administration).  We are prepared for the
rigors of your project.
We build even the Mundane with Style.
All 14 rooms were remodeled over most of a year.  
A new room was added in what used to be attic.
Our competence is demonstrated by the breath of our services.  We do foundations,
framing, drywall, tile, countertops…
   We Can Turn a Lawn into a Finished Home Single-Handedly, we do everything but
landscaping and swimming pools.  We also have our own shop that fabricates custom
cabinets, doors and windows.
New Floors made All the Difference in this Condo.
We also Repair the Exotic, like this Jet-Ski lift.
It's working now!
Our value is demonstrated by the stability of
our client list, both individual and corporate.
Our sophistication is
demonstrated by the fact
that we self-perform all the
trades within the company,
without subcontractors.  
Being the master of many
trades supports the accuracy
and completeness of our
estimates as well as provides
unparalleled quality control.
You'll Love what Faux Painting
can do for your home's vibrance.
Tired of your Tile Backsplash?
The columns and archways aren't just Noble,
      ...Think Resale Value.
A new Purgola with twin Ceiling Fans and Flagstone
approaches adds Adrenaline to your relaxation.
Hard at Work on that Purgola...
We love the Mental Effort in Custom, High-Detail work
Your Vision,
Our Experience.