7617 Wedgewood, Houston, Texas, 77055-6842
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Multi-Family Construction, Renovation, Service Repair
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Answered 16 hours / 6 days
Quest Design and Construction serves Houston’s
multifamily property owners with pride and
conviction.  We have a distinguished reputation in
the field of multi-family:  remodel & refinish, as
well as lease turnover for apartments or
As turnkey general contractors, we work with
the management company to support our
reputation for responsible service.  We are a
full service provider of all trades from
countertops to framing, roofing to paving, tile
to finish carpentry.  We even do faux
painting.  Our craftsmen are stable, company
employees, not sub-contractors.  In this way,
we deliver a reliable product this is fully
integrated across all trades.  We generate our
own estimates and we stand by them.  We
have our own shop to produce custom doors,
windows and cabinets as needed.  Our design
professionals can file your city permits.  If you
request, they will even provide you with “as-
built” blueprints.
We will happily confer with you on the finishes as used across
Houston to guide your selections and insure that you remain
current and protect that ROI (return on investment).  On large
jobs, we are able to provide daily progress reports, via email, to
even multiple corporate levels, detailing units completed and
units scheduled.  Full project management and supplies
inventory management are available.  Best of all, we actually
clean up after ourselves.

All of our work is fully guaranteed.  
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Class 'B' Rehabilitation
Class 'C' Rehabilitation
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